About Indicosmic Capital

Rich experience of our leaders in the sectors of Finance, Insurance, Investment, Automobile and Technology has led the foundation of our firm Indicosmic Capital Pvt Ltd. With experienced leadership and young dynamic approach, we intend to be the “One-Stop-Shop” for all your needs in the sectors of the services provided by us. This company aims at achieving our vision of collaborating Finance, Insurance, Investment, Automobile with cutting edge Technology.

Gamut of services that we provide are…


We provide IT based Innovative Business Solutions, which can be applied on a wider horizon of business. Our focus is to develop Customized IT Solutions for your business to optimize your business potential and give it a systematic flow. WE ARE HERE TO BE YOUR “TECHY-FRIEND”!


Our mission is to Make Investment Interesting. Our Robo Advisory Tool helps you plan your investment goals and select the best Mutual Funds for you. We help you achieve your future financial goals by selecting the right mutual funds, suiting your risk profile. We select the best mutual funds using our unique research methodology and allow you to track your mutual fund investments and goals.


As a part of this service we aim to provide you Road Side Assistance (RSA) on which you can depend at, Anytime, Anywhere. From lockouts to tyre troubles, empty tanks to flat batteries, MyAssistanceNow offers wide range of services to ensure you feel safe and secure on the road. Your Assistance Partner in Every Way!


Extended Warranty is a complete peace of mind program aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience by adding more Warranty years to the product and thus assuring hassle free driving for up to 7 years.

Abhay Deep
(Managing Director)

Mr. Abhay Deep, our Managing Director, has been a vivid leader, after completing his Master’s in Business Administration and EPBM from IIM Kolkata he has worked in the Financial Services sector for a total of 17 years and also has 8 years of experience behind him in the OEM insurance programme. With this tremendous amount of experience behind him, he plans and registers each and every aspect of the business, may it be the smallest or the largest prospect. During his 8-year tenure in the OEM insurance program he has rolled out 14 OEM programmes with many of them first to do in the industry.

Amit Deep
(Chief Operating Officer)

Mr. Amit Deep, our Chief Operating Officer, experienced in the field and young at heart has a great amount of experience behind him. With 18 years of experience in designing and implementation of business strategies, plans and procedures, he plans to bring to the fore the best of his abilities and make it a practice at the company for everyone. Also, he has a professional expertise in establishing policies that promote company culture and vision; with his intentions to make this company the first of it’s kind; the goal isn’t far fetched, he says.

Linto Francis
(Head – Strategy)

Mr. Linto Francis, our Head of Strategy, is a graduate in Automobile engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. After his formal education, he set out in the Automobile Industry, having a total of 16 years behind him in the field of Automobile, Insurance and Assistance sector. All our related businesses are in safe hands, as we see the best of the inputs coming from him. Strategy or general business suggestion, Mr. Linto is always on it.

Ameya Patil
(Head - Marketing)

Mr. Ameya Patil, our Head of Marketing, is a Business Graduate from Symbiosis College of Business Management. He brings in the young energy, the dynamic culture and the innovative fresh idea to the table. He is the young link who comes from a Business Background and hence understands and reads the need of the business on a vast level. Having a brief experience in the Hospitality Sector he projects to serve the users of our products to the best of our potential.